Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Seren Arian Exhibition

I have recently exhibited in 'Seren Arian' a Christmas exhibition at Craft In The Bay, Cardiff. This was a great opportunity to display my tableware range alongside other designer makers, who use not only ceramic materials, but textiles, wood and metal.

Currently I am exploring possibilities of using a new clay body, in order to develop my surface and glaze palette. I will be uploading images of these new developments soon, as they emerge from the kiln.


  1. Ah ha! I've found you! I was just using one of your gorgeous little blue jugs to water my plant and I was wondering how you are and what you're up to... so I Googled you, and here you are! So glad you are still making. You are a seriously skilled artist!
    Would be good to hear from you...
    PS Little jug is definately in my top 10 favourite things by the way!

  2. Laura Jeary by the way! From Dogfield Street days... Many moons ago...